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Standalone units, each with sea views, set in the bush and joined by a timber walkway are available. Fishermen are right on the spot for an early morning start and are on to the fishing grounds within minutes. Units have single bed configurations as well as the doubles shown in the photos. There is no vehicle access, transport in is by boat only.

This is a remote and private location on Whangaroa which is not open to the public, and not available for general accommodation hire, it is for fishing guests only.

All meals are provided. An early morning breakfast, a delicious packed lunch and hearty dinner at the end of the day when Skipper Roy discusses fishing plans for the next day. Guests usually retire tired, satisfied and replete! If requested, fish caught during the day can be cooked and eaten in the evening.

The daily charge for food is $75. Accommodation is $100 per person per night.

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